SentryGOLD Fuel Management System

The SentryGOLD Fuel Management System is the foundation for all of Trak's technologically advanced solutions. It is a Windows-based Fuel Management System (FMS).  As with all Trak’s FMS, it can use various types of access devices that can be used simultaneously.

It is easily upgraded to a passive system, using radio frequency vehicle access.

The SentryGOLD is sometimes called the fuel island terminal.  It is usually located at the fuel island next to the dispensers.  It stands 5’4” tall and has a 10.4" touch screen (on top of the 4”-5” island) – so viewing and entering information is easy.  Completely weather proof; hot, cold, rain and snow. The color display makes it easy to view in daytime and nighttime.

Cost Effective

Trak's automated fuel management system eliminates the time spent tracking fuel usage manually and produces an accurate record of consumable resources.

Interfaces with Corporate Systems and Applications

The SentryGOLD incorporates the Windows-based operating system with full-color graphics, touch-screen displays,  visual and bi-lingual audio instructions and more.  Trak Engineering is currently the only fuel management provider who provides a touch-screen for ease of use.

Easy to Maintain

Single Stack Unit - All electronics in one "box" for ease of use when switching out parts - no computer skills needed. Touch Screen - no moving parts so it is unaffected by dirt or windblown sand. The housing is built with powered-coated steel making it virtually indestructible.

Eliminates Lost Transactions during Power Outages

Sentry stores 500,000 transactions and up to 500,000 vehicle/employee numbers for up to 10 years in flash memory.

Interfaces with Accounting & Fleet Maintenance Programs

Provides accurate vehicle mileage and fueling information using over 40 standard reports in numerous formats and customized reports in countless configurations.

Compact design requires little space on the fuel island

SentryGOLD is an island-mounted stationary cabinet: 5'1" tall with an 10.4" LCD display

  • Windows-based fuel management system that delivers full-color graphics, touch-screen displays, visual and bi-lingual audio instructions
  • Easy to read graphical display
  • Uses LCD - the only technology that can be seen in strong, direct sunlight
  • Fits Your Fuel Isand Requirements
  • RF-Wireless or hard wiring capabilities
  • Compatible with magnetic and HID - compliant personnel cards
  • Scalable to meet your changing needs
  • Operates up to 8-12 hoses
  • Interfaces to Tank Monitoring systems and Fleet Maintenance Packages
  • Provides separate timings for Pump Turn On and Pump Turn Off
System Contains:
  • Microcomputer
  • Card reader and/or key reader
  • Pump control interfaces
  • Power supply
  • Communication electronics
  • Heaters/fans
  • Elements to provide a single control point for the fuel island
Standard SentryGOLD Fuel Management System Manual

-SG_Operator_Manual 9-2015


SentryGOLD COMPACT for Electronic Dispensers

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