Fully-Automated Systems

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SentryGOLD Fully-Automated Transit System

Trak's SentryGOLD Fully-Automated Transit System contains all of the functional elements necessary to operate a fueling facility. The Fuel Sentry authorizes the fuel dispensers and oil reels, and contains memory elements necessary to authorize all buses for fueling, stores a complete fueling record of nightly transactions and communicates all fuel transaction records to the system's Central Controller Computer. The Fully-Automated Transit System eliminates the need for operator input and speeds fueling, at the same time eliminates input error.

Data Codes Extracted and Stored:
Odometer / Hub
Idle Time
Time and Date for Each Trip
Oil Pressure Low
Distance Traveled
Vehicle Over Speed
Speed (recorded every 5 seconds)
Engine over speed
Hard breakings and quick accelerations
Torque overload
RPM & Throttle Position
Fuel Pressure
Battery voltage
And many more…

SentryGOLD Fully-Automated Transit System

Wiring Diagram

SentryGOLD Fully-Automated System

Trak’s SentryGOLD Fully Automated Fuel Management System provides the highest level of security for your fleet and the highest level of accuracy for your data. Each vehicle in your fleet, or selected vehicles, is equipped with the Trak Vehicle Module - TVM. The TVM is a small on-board computer that stores the vehicle data and relays it to the Trak Fuel Sentry console in order to authorize fueling and gather precise, pre-determined, information. The TVM is pre-programmed with our TVM Laptop Programming Kit, and then installed on the vehicle.

The Trak Vehicle Module – TVM - stores the vehicle ID, current odometer reading, fuel type and limit, system ID, and engine hours (optional). The TVM contains EEPROM circuit, which stores all the data in non-volatile memory.



The SentryGOLD Fully-Automated System's Benefits include:


  • Faster install on Vehicles - the Trak Vehicle Module is wireless – no mechanical skills needed to install it. It installs in under 10 minutes
  • Tighter control on your fluid assets - the automated fueling system is self-contained and doesn’t rely on human input 
  • Enhanced Security –the vehicle identification is done electronically
  • Increased productivity -- fueling time is decreased and time on the road is increased, because drivers don’t waste time punching in codes
  • Increased reporting accuracy -- data is retrieved electronically with no room for human error
  • Less expensive --Trak’s system is self-contained so there is less to install and less to maintain
  • Increased flexibility and scalability Trak’s fully- automated fueling is compatible with Trak’s key based systems, so you can mix and match or upgrade your existing system as needed
SentryGOLD Fully-Automated Fuel Management System

Using SentryGOLD Fuel Management System