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Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time.


Our Phone Numbers:

Phone Number: (850) - 878 - 4585

Fax Number: (850)-656-8265



If you have any questions or comments about any of our products please email our sales department:

If you already have any our products our services and have questions or issues please email our support staff:

Please include your name, your company name, email address, and phone number.

Katherine Blyth President 325
Jasmine Powell Business Development 304
Kenneth Walsh Business Development 303
Jason Chapman Business Development 329
Technical Support
Courtney Fisher Customer Support 328
Julien King Production/Assembly 324
Jordan Budzyna Customer Support/ Sales 314
Jon Wilmot IT Network Administrator 306
Eva Chester Director of Operations 309
John Blyth Operations/Engineering 301
Joe Bowen Field Support
Charlie Sellars Field Support
Dwight Ball Field Support
Jon Boon Field Support
Val Pierre-Louis
Additional Staff
Angela Taylor Accounting 315
Hardy Stanek Engineering 323
Bolong Lui Engineering 307
Sven Witjmans Engineering 302
Dany Chut Production 327
Max Rivera Production 311
Judge Williams Production 327
Kris Mata Shipping 320
Katherine Blyth - Vice President / Director of Marketing & Sales
Jordan Budzyna- Marketing & Sales / Operations
Polly Cobb - Marketing & Sales
Technical Support
Marc White - Quality Assurance Analyst / Customer Support
Felix Petty - Quality Assurance Analyst / Customer Support
Dean Berrien - Customer Support
Shakil Ahamed - Programmer
John Wilmot - IT / Network Support
Additional Staff
John Blyth - President and CEO / Engineer
Hardie Stanek - Engineer
Bolong Lui - Engineer
Max Rivera - Machinist
Peggy McKnight
Rod Rowe - Purchasing
Marc Malonzo - Controller
Eva Chester - Operations
Heath Hourdequin - Accounting