Trak Engineering is a privately held corporation with our  headquarters and sales office in Tallahassee, Florida.  Trak started in business, February 1981, in Tallahassee, in response to the increasing demand for integrated, computerized fuel management and fleet control.

Trak is the only fuel management company who employs a nationwide field service team to facilitate on-site installation and technical assistance. All Field Service Engineers/Onsite Implementation Specialists, are full-time, factory-trained and Certified staff members of Trak Engineering. Depending on our customers’ needs, support is provided by our technicians or by a fully-trained, local service company. Our employees, in Tallahassee and throughout the United States, are from diverse backgrounds and ethnic cultures.  They are U.S. citizens who live in our neighborhoods, participate in our communities and contribute to our economy.

Trak’s Research & Development Department is dedicated to harnessing new technologies and developing new solutions that meet the growing and changing needs of private and government fleets.  Since our first system, we continue to design, develop, test, manufacture and distribute our solutions from Tallahassee, Florida.  Our number one priority remains you, our user:  to help you achieve your objectives; to provide you with complete solutions that are easy to use; and to anticipate tomorrow’s needs with today’s solutions.

Trak's Customer Base

500+ Customers
3,000+ Fuel Sites
1,000,000+ Vehicles

Government Field

State Fleets
County Fleets
City Fleets
Utility Companies

Commercial Field

Fuel & Food Providers