Our Mission

To continue to enhance and perfect our systems and elevate our customer service to provide you with all of your fluid management needs.

Trak Engineering is a progressive leader in developing and manufacturing computerized fuel management solutions in the United States. Our mission, since our inception in 1981, is to enhance and perfect our systems to meet our customer's changing requirements.

Our systems help government entities and private industries make efficient use of fuel and fuel-related consumables. Escalating prices and diminishing resources have resulted in a demand for accurate information, control and accountability of fluid assets.

We provide products that add value to and integrate with our automated fuel management solutions. Our customer base comprises thousands of fuel islands and several million vehicles; all operating successfully with Trak’s integrated solutions. One of Trak's strengths is that we excel in “outside-the-box” thinking. The willingness and flexibility to customize both the Fuel Sentry and the Fuel Management System program is fundamental to our company.

Trak is an American company with corporate and sales headquarters located in Tallahassee, Florida. We are proud that our employees, in Tallahassee and throughout the United States, are from diverse backgrounds and ethnic cultures. We are U.S. citizens who live in local neighborhoods, attend local schools, participate in our communities and contribute to our economy.